Avoid causing a nuisance


  • if you have an intruder alarm or are planning to have one fitted to your property, you are legally obliged to appoint two key holders and notify the police of the key holders detail
  • you should also ensure that the alarm system complies with British Standard 4737 and is fitted with a 20 minute cut-out. The alarm should be regularly maintained by a competent compan
  • if you comply with the above requirements you may be eligible for a discount on your house insurance


  • if you are having a party then your neighbours are far more likely to be understanding if you warn them well in advance that you are having it, (whether you invite them or not) and give them an indication of when it is likely to end
  • on the actual night try and contain the party as much as possible within your home keep guests within the house or flat rather than in the garden and keep windows closed if at all possible
  • finish the party (or at least turn down the music) when you said you would and ask your guests to be considerate - we receive just as many complaints about guests leaving the premises or being outside as we do from loud music


As a rule we would discourage anyone wishing to have a bonfire. However, following a few simple rules should result in a ‘nuisance’ free bonfire.

  • have as few bonfires as possible, try operating a compost heap or leaf-mould heap instead
  • do not start a bonfire with paraffin or petrol
  • do not burn ‘wet’ garden waste, leaves, rubber, plastic, rags or large quantities of paper - most other garden waste can be burned including dry branches, twigs, prunings and dead shrubs
  • study the weather before burning - choose a breezy day which will help the fire to burn well and help disperse any smoke more quickly (do not light a bonfire on foggy or other still days)
  • consider your neighbours, if the direction of the wind will obviously blow the smoke towards nearby occupied buildings, wait for a more suitable day. Site your fire as far as possible from nearby buildings and trees
  • have a hot fire with plenty of flames, this will produce less smoke - do not burn large heaps of waste - continuously feed the fire so that there is always a visible flame

For further information contact the Noise and Nuisance Service.

Last updated: 29 November 2019