Steps for builders

The information below sets out the steps that developers and builders should be taking to ensure the site is set up and managed in a way that follows best practice.

Staff behaviour

  • Keep noise down when entering and leaving the site
  • Avoid smoking, loitering or consuming meals by the site boundary
  • Keep music to a low volume
  • Use two way radios to communicate
  • Do not permit swearing or spitting

Waste and pest control

  • Arrange for rubbish or other material to be collected by a waste contractor
  • Do not store waste in open skips
  • Waste management plans will be required for large sites
  • Use control measures to prevent rodent, fly or cockroach infestations
  • If pests exists, contact Environmental Health Pest Control on 020 7361 3002
  • Damp down and sweep up dust

Toilet facilities

  • For large sites, properly plumbed toilet and wash facilities are essential
  • Temporary facilities must be managed to prevent leaks, odours and pest problems
  • Facilities must be sited within a temporary structure or screened by hoardings so as not to cause offence
  • Portable toilets will only be permitted on the public highway in exceptional circumstances

Site hoardings and security

  • Hoardings and fencing must be regularly inspected and repaired to prevent dilapidation
  • Fly posting or graffiti must be removed as soon as possible
  • Site lighting must be properly maintained for security and safety¬†reasons
  • The site must be secure from unauthorised entry at all times and security measures must be used when there is no activity on site

Handling complaints

  • Listen to the complaint being made
  • Try and agree and solution jointly with the person making the complaint
  • Swift informal advice from the developer to the resident often resolves issues quickly
  • Provide a telephone number to residents so they know who to contact

Fire safety

  • Consult the LFEPA for advice on emergency procedures and site access points
  • Draft management plan to prevent fires and outline steps to take should one occur
  • Sleeping accommodation must not be provided on site without the express permission of the Council

Clearing the site

  • Once the works are complete, the contractor must clear all surplus material and plant from the site
  • All dust and rubbish must be removed

Last updated: 29 November 2019