Grenfell tragedy: Statements from the Council

Care for Grenfell

Care for Grenfell

The Care for Grenfell team has been set up for anyone who has been affected by the Grenfell Tower fire and offers a single front door to access services and support.

The team works to resolve and direct enquiries to the most appropriate teams and ensure residents and their families are provided with the care and support they need.

Tel: 020 7745 6414 

Through Care for Grenfell the Council is providing 24/7 access to support for people from the tower, surrounding area and the wider community.

The team’s core hours are 8am to 8pm every day, but an out of hours service also runs seven days a week for emergencies.

How Care for Grenfell can help

  • Information and advice for those affected and those working with the affected
  • Problem solving
  • Referrals to a range of support including support workers or key workers
  • Help if there is any issue with the support you are receiving

Care for Grenfell provides a responsive and flexible service; if the help you need isn’t listed above, please phone the team.

If you require urgent emotional well-being or mental health support please phone the NHS on 0800 0234 650, this service is available 24/7.

Last updated: 27 October 2017