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Public Health vision

Our vision

Our vision for 2016 - 2020 is that every borough resident is as healthy as they can be.

We will work within the Council, NHS and with others through the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to:

  • improve and protect the health and wellbeing of our residents
  • reduce health inequalities across the borough

Achieving our vision

To achieve our vision we will:

  • provide public health services to the highest possible standards, designing them to have maximum impact, be cost effective and delivering them effectively
  • provide joined-up health and care services that support communities to make the right choices to stay healthy and independent
  • promote the importance of health and wellbeing through work and positive relationships with friends and family
  • focus on prevention and early intervention by encouraging immunisations, and working with partners in housing, employment and education 

Our priorities are to:

  • reduce childhood obesity
  • improve mental wellbeing in all age groups
  • reduce smoking rates
  • encourage more people to be physically active
  • improve sexual health
  • reduce substance misuse

Contact us

For more information about our vision, contact Houda Al-Sharifi, Interim Director of Public Health on 020 7641 8714 or by email [email protected].

Last updated: 23 February 2023