The Council's Housing Opportunities Team aims to advise on and help to resolve overcrowding. There are many families in the borough who are overcrowded and waiting for larger properties.

Only households that are lacking two or more bedrooms can qualify to go onto the Council's Housing Register. For more information see our Housing Allocation Scheme (section 4.10).

Unfortunately there is a significant shortage of properties with three or more bedrooms in Kensington and Chelsea. If you seriously want to move, you should consider the alternatives.

What the Housing Opportunities Team can do for you:

Advice and home visits

We can discuss all the options that may be available to you to help you solve the problems caused by your overcrowding, and offer advice on the likelihood of you being offered alternative social housing.  If you are severely overcrowded (lacking two bedrooms or more) we may visit you and your family in your home.

Rehousing to the private rented sector

We can help severely overcrowded families (or their household members) to move to private rented accommodation. We have already helped a number of families who faced cramped housing conditions, and little prospect of being rehoused to alternative social housing due to the lack of larger sized Council and housing association properties. We helped these families to move to larger privately rented properties.

Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange is for people who are already housing association or Council tenants and want to swap their property with another tenant. This could be because they want a larger or smaller property or wish to move to another area. It is entirely possible for someone to move to a larger property if the other tenant wishes to downsize. Visit our Mutual Exchange pages to find out more.

How to find out more

In person:

Customer Service Centre
The Town Hall
Hornton Street
London W8 7NX

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

By phone:

Housing Opportunities Team 020 7361 3272

By email: