Private Licence Agreement (PLA) Scheme

The Council’s PLA scheme is a guaranteed rent scheme which offer homeowners the opportunity to place their self-contained properties into a leasing scheme with housing associations and private letting agents.

Whilst our preference is for accommodation within the Kensington and Chelsea borough boundary, realistically we cannot procure enough accommodation to meet demand, and are seeking accommodation in all areas of London.

All accommodation must have valid gas and electricity certification, and generally would be expected to reach category D in terms of Energy Performance.

Kensington and Chelsea currently has over 1,300 families placed in PLA accommodation throughout London. There is a high demand for flats and houses that can be utilised on a relatively long-term basis under the scheme.

For further information, please call one of the team to discuss how the scheme works, or alternatively email

  • Chris Scott 020 7361 3116
  • James Akinwale 020 7361 3956
  • Stephanie Coleman / Abayomi Ajayi 020 7361 2328

Last updated: 9 September 2020