The New Homes Delivery Programme (NHDP) has identified a site on the existing Cheyne nursery (located on Thorndike Close off the King’s Road) as a potential area to help deliver new homes for the borough alongside a rebuilt state-of-the-art nursery and children’s centre, increasing available capacity. This site, currently called Cheyne, will form part of ‘Phase 2’ of the NHDP. 

Aerial view of the existing Chayne site with areas highlighted.

Location of the Cheyne site

The Council is currently exploring plans with architects and will be consulting with residents from June 2021 to capture their views and incorporate them into the ongoing planning of the building’s design and operation. We are asking parents and staff to codesign the interiors of the children's centre and nursery, giving them the opportunity to input into what will be included in the design and the services offered.

First round of consultation
We will be consulting on the proposals in our first round of consultations during June and July 2021. There will be an online Zoom session and an in-person event where you can find out more and have your views captured.

If you are unable to attend either of these sessions, you can still find out more by viewing the presentation and Q&A on this page and sharing your feedback using our online form.

Online event

In person event

  • Saturday 3 July, 10.30am to 12 noon
  • Carlyle Building, Hortensia Road, London, SW10 0QR

How to feedback

We want to hear your thoughts and views for this site, and you can do so by providing feedback via the feedback form.

Start consultation feedback

Please note that the deadline for comments and feedback for this first round of consultation is Thursday 22 July.

Cheyne first round of consultation presentation

Know someone who can’t get online?

If you know someone who is unable to access the internet, we can arrange for a hard copy of the presentation and feedback form to be sent to them by post. You can also request the consultation materials in another language. Please call 07739 313539 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


Contact us

You can email us about the new homes aspect of this site at

For queries about the nursery and children’s centre, email

Cheyne questions and answers

What is happening to Cheyne Nursery? Cheyne Nursery and Children’s Centre is being redeveloped as part of these plans. The Council recently took the nurseries back under its management and it was clear on review that the building could not provide the facilities which we want for our children and families.

A decision was therefore taken to demolish the current building and to build a state-of-the-art facility for children and families.

Children currently using Cheyne Nursery have been relocated to Violet Melchett and Children’s Centre services are being delivered at Cheyne for the moment as well as at St Cuthbert’s Earl’s Court.

How will the nursery/children’s centre aspect of this scheme be separated from the housing element? Will the nursery/children’s centre be overlooked?Safeguarding issues are of paramount importance as we design and build this facility. Separate entrances will ensure that there is no opportunity for unauthorised access to the nursery and children’s centre.

Work has been ongoing with planners and architects to design-out the possibility that the site will be overlooked.

How many children will the nursery and children’s centre cater for? The new nursery will be an 80 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) nursery.

Children’s Centre services will offer access to services to over 5,000 under-fives and their families living in the south of the borough.

Have parents and staff currently registered at the nursery and Children’s Centre been involved and consulted? Parents and nursery staff have been informed of our plans and have been invited to submit thoughts and concerns. In addition, all families currently registered with a Children’s Centre have been informed of our plans and been invited to comment.

The Council wants to take this opportunity to discuss the facilities with current parents and potential future users. We will therefore plan and organise a series of consultation events, in line with Covid-19 restrictions in and around the community.  

How will places at the nursery and children’s centre be allocated? Nursery Places: Some nursery places will be for children who are supported by children’s social care as is the case at all in-house nurseries. The remainder, the vast majority of places, will be allocated on a first come/first served basis. The recent Childcare Sufficiency Assessment showed us that there is a need for more nursery places for 0-2’s in the World’s End area of the borough and this, too, drove our ambition to establish a new and much needed facility in the vicinity.

Children’s Centre services: All families living in the south of the borough who are expecting a baby or have children under five will have access to the services delivered from the site. There will be a particular focus on the first 1001 days of life – expectant parents and children up to the age of two years old. Access will be via referral or open access.  There will also be the opportunity to support the whole family as part of the wider Family Hub model.

Will the new homes be offered at social rent? Yes, we propose all homes on this site will be offered at social rent.

What is "social rent"? All residential units will be offered at social rent (affordable housing for rent). Kensington and Chelsea Council will retain ownership of all the properties.

What is the existing social housing situation in Kensington and Chelsea?  There is a severe shortage of social homes in the borough and while demand rises every year, the number of available vacancies gets smaller. Even high-priority applicants are likely to have to wait five years for a home, or even longer for three-bedroom and larger properties. As part of our brief we are looking to prioritise two and three bed social rent family homes to meet the needs we have.

How are residents able to have their say on plans for the new nursery, children’s centre and homes? Residents and other local key stakeholders can share their views during the three rounds of consultation. We will also hold meetings with parents to discuss the specifics of the interior spaces and the services on offer to families once the build is underway. 

What are the timescales for delivery of the new nursery, children’s centre and homes? The new building is proposed to be completed, with the nursery, children’s centre and new homes ready by 2024. 

How many homes are you planning to build on the site and how tall will the development be? We are proposing to build 18 residential units. The proposals show several options in terms of building heights and the arrangement of new buildings on the site. These are subject to ongoing review of the design which will take into consideration the comments that are received from the public consultation.

The options shown consider the need to address the demand for new homes for people on the Council’s waiting list and provide a greater amount of improved open space. As a result, we have opted for more slender buildings in our latest designs which have a smaller footprint to create more generous and accessible spaces surrounding them.

The aim is to create new homes and nursery and children centre facilities for the community that complement and preserve the scale, appearance and character of the surrounding area.

How are you funding the New Homes programme? The New Homes Delivery Programme is being funded via Housing Revenue Account borrowing and through a grant provided by the Mayor of London (Greater London Authority), alongside income from open market homes for rent provided on site.

The Council proposes to retain long term ownership of the affordable homes/social rent proposed for Cheyne site.

Who are the architects and who would undertake the development? We have appointed Haworth Tompkins as architects for the Cheyne project and propose to build the new homes by employing an experienced contractor rather than using a third-party developer. Haworth Tompkins is an architectural practice based in London, with more than 25 years’ experience collaborating with socially driven organisations and clients to deliver award-winning projects.

Will the new scheme be environmentally friendly? The scheme will be designed and constructed within the framework set by the Council’s fuel poverty, housing improvement and carbon emission reduction objectives. We have set a target for the Council’s operations to be net zero carbon by 2030 and for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2040.

In relation to the design of any new build scheme, particular emphasis is being placed on sustainability, for example enhanced insulation to reduce fuel bills heating and hot water sources, as well as careful use of sustainable building materials. 

Will we hire local people to work on the Cheyne project? The Council will employ qualified contractors to build the development. The building contracts will include requirements for apprenticeships as well as employment of local workforce and use of locally based suppliers.

What impact will the development have on local residents? The development will provide much-needed new homes for the local area, as well as a combined children’s centre and nursery facilities, for the benefit of the wider community.

Why are you carrying out this consultation now rather than waiting until after the pandemic? The Council has a duty to seek to provide homes for people on the Housing Register and this project will help to facilitate this. We don’t know how long the pandemic might last and cannot wait for an indefinite period to plan the construction of new homes.

In addition, the Mayor of London has allocated funding to the borough to support the delivery of new affordable homes and there are prescribed deadlines for when the different stages of the overall New Homes Programme must start to secure this.

The Council is holding three separate rounds of public consultation on this project.

There will also be a further opportunity for the community and local residents to comment during the usual planning consultation processes.

Are you able to share daylight models for the site? Light models for the proposed scheme will be collated and presented as part of discussions with the Resident Steering Group. These will also be available as part of the material presented at the third round of consultation.

Detailed technical studies are will be prepared as part of the latest design process in respect of daylight, sunlight and overshadowing which will carefully consider and mitigate the impacts on existing properties both on and adjoining the site in line with policy and best practice guidance.

How will residents without internet hear about the proposals? We will arrange for homes and businesses in the Chelsea Riverside to receive flyers. For those unable to access the internet, the invite flyers included a dedicated phone number to enable people to get in touch to arrange for a hard copy of the presentation and feedback form to be sent to them by post or if required in another language.  We can also send copies of the flyer, feedback form and pre-paid envelopes to those residents living close to the site so they can respond.

How will existing services support the new scheme? We will commission a new study to review the need for services. The study will look at the impact additional housing has on all elements of local community. This will include consideration of schools, hospitals, emergency services and more. We are looking to create a community space as part of the development.

What are the different rounds of this consultation? There will be three rounds of engagement on this project giving people the opportunity to provide feedback on the scheme design as it evolves:

  • Round 1 – Initial options
  • Round 2 – Developed scheme design in response to comments
  • Round 3 – Exhibition of final scheme prior to planning submission

How are you funding the new nursery and children’s centre? The new nursery and children’s centre will be funded through the Council’s capital programme.

How will the new homes be allocated? The new homes would be allocated via our Housing Register.