What's happening

In 2011 the Council concluded a Housing Stock Options Review to secure the future of funding of its housing stock and services. This led to us look into the potential to regenerate some areas of the Royal Borough, to renew the legacy of high quality buildings in Kensington and Chelsea, and maintain our housing stock in good order for the future. We are also continuously reviewing value for money in the services we provide, and how we can be smarter with the Council’s housing assets.

What is regeneration?

Housing regeneration, sometimes called housing renewal, is the process of renewing and upgrading the social housing stock in the Royal Borough. Many of the Council and housing association homes in the Royal Borough were built several decades ago. They are beginning to show signs of wear and tear that sometimes cannot just be repaired.

Where appropriate, plans may be developed for the demolition of housing blocks or housing estates, to replace them with better quality, more modern homes that improve the environment and quality of life for residents. This will be always be done with full consultation between residents and the Council, to make sure that the outcomes benefit the whole community.

Sometimes regeneration can mean much smaller scale works too, finding opportunities to improve the function of our housing, or increase the amount of housing available by using areas of existing estates and blocks more creatively.

Read the Council's commitment to tenants and leaseholders

Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy

The Council recently consulted on a draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy. The policy provides broad borough-wide principles and commitments to leaseholders and freeholders who own properties in areas designated by the Council for regeneration. The Council's Cabinet will agree a final version of the end of June 2017 and we will make it available on this website.

Glossary of housing terms

You may find our glossary useful. It explains some of the terminology used in housing, particularly around regeneration projects. 

Glossary of housing terms [PDF] (file size 574.25 KB)

Tenant Decant Policy

The Council's Tenant Decant Policy which sets out what we will do and what processes will be taken when tenants need to move to allow regeneration to be carried out. This policy covers the entire borough, and a more detailed policy statement must be written for each housing scheme. You can read the full policy or a download our booklet which summaries the main points of the policy below.

Tenant Decant Policy March 2017 [PDF] (file size 345.04 KB)
Summary of Tenant Decant Policy [PDF] (file size 267.68 KB)


What’s happening?

The Council is working with the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) to build a small number of new homes in parts of our estates which are not in use. Visit our Hidden Homes page for more information.

The Wornington Green Estate, owned by Catalyst Housing Ltd, received planning consent from the Council for a major regeneration in 2010. Building works are well underway and the first new homes are now being lived in. It will however take around 12 years to deliver a major change to the north end of Portobello Road and Wornington Road, providing many more homes in the borough, and an opportunity to improve the local park and play facilities. You can find out more about this project on the Wornington Green Estate website. Further information is available about the impact of the redevelopment of Wornington Green on the Venture Centre.

Recently we conducted a housing study of the wider Silchester Estate and immediate surrounding area. We are currently looking at a number of options, including continuing with the current maintenance and management programme; improving existing housing and building some new housing around the existing blocks (infill); or redeveloping the estate. You can keep up to date with our Silchester East and West webpage.

The Elkstone Road site in front of Trellick Tower is currently being used as a temporary coach park.  However we plan to develop the area, along with the disused garage space at the base of Trellick Tower, in order to invest in and improve the area. Find out more on our Trellick and Edenham Way webpage.

The Royal Borough’s Cabinet agreed to explore options for redeveloping Barlby Primary School and regenerating the Treverton Estate. We are considering options for building a new Barlby Primary School, a new school for children with special education needs, and what opportunities there may be for improving existing homes and building new ones.

We are also reviewing the future of the Council buildings on Pembroke Road, including Broadwood Terrace and Chesterton Square.

In March 2017, the Council’s Cabinet agreed the appointment of a project team to look at the future of four, small Council-owned housing blocks. This project is still at a very early stage, but you can read more on our Small blocks page.

The Council is currently reviewing its housing and accommodation for older people. We want to give people a greater choice about where they live as they get older and we also need to prepare for future demands.

For more information please contact the Housing Strategy and Regeneration Team, The Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX. Tel: 020 7361 3014