What are my chances of being rehoused to social housing?

What are my chances of being rehoused to social housing?

There are many tenants in Kensington and Chelsea who, for a number of different reasons, wish to move. However, while demand for properties goes up each year, the number of vacancies that become available gets smaller.

Of the 460 lettings last year, 231 of these properties were studios and one bedroom homes. Therefore if you need a larger property you will have to wait longer for social housing as fewer larger, family-sized properties become available each year. Even high priority applicants are likely to wait for five years or more to be housed and possibly longer for three bedroom and larger properties.

The Council’s Allocation Scheme explains who is given priority for rehousing.

Housing Allocation Scheme February 2017

This is a revision of the previous scheme (2014). You can read a summary of the changes made to the allocation scheme.

You can use our online housing self-assessment form to help you understand your likelihood of being housed and to provide you with some advice and information.

You may wish to consider other options for your housing. The Housing Opportunities Team can offer advice on schemes available to you. For further information about housing options, please call 020 7361 3008.