Portobello Road Arts Project

The Portobello Road Arts Project is a series of year-round artist commissions for the Portobello Road North Wall linking North Kensington’s Portobello Road and Golborne markets.

Find out background information and view previous installations.

What are the aims of the The Portobello Road Arts Project?

The project aims to help regenerate the Golborne area through creating a visual link between Portobello Road Market and Golborne Road Market. The project hopes through this to encourage visitors to continue their journeys further up Portobello Road to discover the vibrant Golborne area.

View the current installation: co-commission to mark the tenth anniversary of the borough’s InTRANSIT Arts Festival.

Portobello Wall

Current installation by artist Albert Kueh: Opposites

Portobello Road North Wall public art project - next commission

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is announcing the next commission for the Portobello Road North Wall public art project. The theme for the commission is Moving Image, Film and North Kensington.

The new commission will be installed in June 2017 and remain in situ for 12 months

Portobello Wall Public Art Installation: the brief

About the art work The work must address six key elements listed below. It must be:

1. New work, as a unified composition or with a linked theme
2. Striking and impactful to pedestrians who are traversing the road
3. Site specific
4. Inspired by the local area
5. Suitable for an outdoor site
6. Temporary

The installation itself cannot include electronic display screens - for reasons of both cost and appropriate technology, and also the fact that they could be susceptible to theft or vandalism. 

However, we believe that there is considerable potential for incorporating digital technology features into the installation such as Augmented Reality or Remote Gallery

Deadline: Proposals must be submitted by Friday, 10 February  2017

What your proposal should include Your proposal should include:

  1. Your CV (equivalent length to a single sheet of A4)
  2.  A written proposal outlining your project and how it meets the objectives of the commission (max. 400 words)
  3. Six hi-res images of your work
  4. Confirmation that you are able to deliver the project between the commissioning date of February 2017 and the delivery deadline of 17 June 2017
  5. A detailed budget showing breakdown of fees, materials, labour etc.
  6. Confirmation that you will seek approval from the copyright holder for any copyright material – such as film stills – that you intend to integrate into your project
  7. In addition, your proposal may include a written proposal for a related events programme (max. 100 words)

Please note: We will only consider submissions that meet the objectives of the brief and proposal requirement as outlined above.

Events programme We believe that there is  significant potential to organise a series of events throughout the year in association with the installation – both in situ, and in other locations in the vicinity (e.g. the Tabernacle). We are currently seeking to secure an additional budget to cover such a programme. Please outline any ideas you may have as to what the events themselves might be, key audiences, and prospective partner organisations etc

Deadline and submission details Deadline:
Proposals must be submitted by email by 12 noon on Friday, 10 February 2017 to:

John Hampson
Senior Strategy Officer, Arts and Culture
Address: Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea
Arts Service
37 Pembroke Road
London W8 6PW

Telephone: 020 7361 3204
email: john.hampson@rbkc.gov.uk

Technical Details The wall is approximately 100 metres in length, with a bend towards the northern end. Artwork can be up to approx 2m tall. We encourage proposals that utilise the full height and length of the wall, including either side of the bend. It is essential for artists to make a site visit to ensure that their proposal is realisable in practice on the available Wall space.

Budget ​The budget for the final commission is £10,000 inclusive of all artists’ fees, materials and labour.

  • The artist must ensure that the work is weather proof and suitable for its setting.
  • Anti-graffiti and anti-vandalism measures must also be factored into the proposal.
  • The artist has responsibility for both the installation and de-installation of the artwork.
  • The final payment of £1,000 will be made once de-installation has been satisfactorily completed.
  • As noted above, we are currently seeking to secure an additional budget to cover an events programme based on the installation.

We will announce the award of the commission in February 2017.

If you have not heard from us by the end of February, you should assume that your submission was not successful. We will not enter into written correspondence with unsuccessful applicants.

Portobello Wall brief FILM commission [PDF] (file size 257.73 KB)