Portobello Wall Public Art Project


The Portobello Wall Public Art Project is an annual public art commission for a stretch of brick wall linking two of the most vibrant and well known market areas in London: Portobello Road and Golborne Road. Since the introduction of this project in 2009, successful installations have created a visual link between these two unique markets, and attract over 1.3 million visitors each year.

This 100-metre long stretch of wall has proved an ideal setting to promote the work of local artists and encourage visitors to continue their journeys further up Portobello Road to the vibrant Golborne area.

Ten years of the Wall

The Golborne Forum has supported the Portobello Wall Art project for since 2012; taking part in the selection, listening to pitches by a succession of diverse artists, and helping with broadening the reach of the commission. The Forum believes that 'art aims to be thought-provoking, but also fun and often gives younger artists the chance to display their talents. It  celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of the area and encourages a sense of local pride and purpose. It is therefore very exciting to see people, young, old, locals and also tourists, staring with concentration at the art, occasionally smiling and pointing.'

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Phase one of Portobello Wall Art Project: backdrop fixed to the wall
Phase one of Portobello Wall Art ProjectPhoto by Anastasia Russa

2018/2019 Commission:

We are delighted to announce Anastasia Russa as the winner of the 10th anniversary of the Portobello Wall Public Art Project

Anastasia will be working live on site painting modern portraits over a stunning backdrop that will cover this 100m stretch of brick wall. See the Current Portobello Wall Art Project page for more information.

Visit Anastasia Russa's website for information about the artist.


Commission ThemeTo mark the 10th Anniversary of the Portobello Wall Public Art project, proposals are invited that respond to the following theme: Connections. Connections to the borough’s past, present and future; connections to cultures and communities; connections technological and topographical. We are looking for an engaging art installation that celebrates both the physical and intangible cultural that define the distinctive and diverse nature of the area.

North Kensington is characterised by its connections: from the Regent’s Canal of the early nineteenth century, to the Great Western Railway linking London with the south-west. From the Westway flyover, completed in 1970, to today’s modern digital communications.


Outreach programme This year's commission will also be accompanied by a series on engagement and artist workshops, talks, and tours. Follow the Portobello Wall Facebook page for updates. 

View the current 'Connections' commission by Anastasia Russa.

Follow the Portobello Wall Facebook page for updates.

Portobello Wall Art Project
Portobello Road market tradersPhoto by Anastasia Russa