Street promotions and charity collections

Holding a promotional activity on council land (public highway)

If you wish to promote a business, brand, commercial service or other on the public highway, you will require permission from the council in order to do this.

A Promotional Distribution Licence is required when distributing a commercial brand or product on the public highway (including footway), whether with free printed material or a product giveaway.

A Temporary Highway Consent is required if any temporary structures will be placed on the public highway during the promotional activity.

Any promotional activity requires a minimum ten working days’ notice.

In order to apply for relevant permissions, you must submit your online event application via the online event application form and attach the following documents:

  • promotional activity description (who, what, where, when, how)
  • detailed site map (including dimensions) of the structure/s in location (where temporary structures are placed on the public highway or footway, they must not obstruct pedestrians or distract road users and your site map must demonstrate that at least 1.8m will be left for pedestrians)
  • public liability insurance (minimum £5,000,000)
  • risk assessment / method statement (all event organisers have a responsibility to thoroughly assess risks to help reduce or remove potential dangers to staff and attendees and the general public
  • completed Promotional Distribution application form (below)
  • completed Temporary Highway Consent form (below)

If you are planning only to distribute free printed material and do not plan to place temporary structures on the public highway, please find useful information and how to apply for this license on the Leaflet Distribution Licence guidelines webpage or contact Streetline on tel: 020 7361 3001, or email:

Charity collections and charitable activity at events

Before applying to the Council for the necessary permissions to hold your charity event or activity, you will need to ensure you have a charitable collections licence issued by the Metropolitan Police if any money is to be collected on behalf of a charity.

Visit the Metropolitan Police website for guidance on charitable collection licences.

If your charity collection includes placing temporary structure/s on the public highway, you will then need to make an online event application and adhere to the guidance on the Holding an Event page.

Walks, runs, cycle rides

Whether your charity walk, run or cycle ride takes place within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, or only part of the borough as part of a larger city-wide route, you will require permission from the council in order to do so. Please follow these instructions in order to obtain permission and apply for relevant licences (if applicable):

  • submit a special event application via the online event application form
  • include a route map, including timings and duration within the borough
  • include details of any infrastructure placed on the highway (including footway) with detailed site map (including dimensions) of the structure in location 
  • arrange public liability insurance (minimum £5,000,000)
  • carry out a risk assessment or method statement


Last updated: 19 May 2020