Parks Service contract

Parks Service contract

Impact of Coronavirus 

Due to Government advice on the Coronavirus, the Council is targeting services at residents in the most urgent need. Therefore, we have decided to extend the public consultation by 3 months until Sunday 28 June 2020. 

Further updates relating to the public consultation will be provided on this page. For the latest information on the Council’s response to Coronavirus, including disruption to services, please see the Coronavirus pages.

The borough’s parks and open spaces are currently maintained under contract with Idverde UK. This contract comes to an end on Wednesday 31 March 2021 and we are currently reviewing what has and hasn’t worked and looking at what needs to happen next.

The current contract includes, among other things:

  • supply of park keepers, gardeners and cemeteries staff
  • opening and closing parks
  • providing and maintaining annual bedding
  • maintaining shrub beds and hedges
  • grass cutting and lawn maintenance
  • waste management in parks (litter collection, green waste)
  • inspection of playgrounds and park equipment
  • opening and cleaning public toilets in parks

The service has changed significantly since the current contract started in 2008 and this is a good opportunity for us to consider how the next contract needs to evolve to meet these changes.

On Wednesday 15 January 2020 the Leadership Team approved a report from officers requesting the official start of the tender process.

A further report to the Leadership Team will be required at the end of the tender process to confirm who is being awarded the contract.


May 2020 update

At the end of April we began advertising for companies to let us know if they are interested in applying for the new contract. Companies now have the opportunity to declare interest in bidding for the contract between now and the end of May.


What we already know

There are some things we already know about the new contract:

  • all staff to be paid London Living Wage
  • everything the contractor does has to be carbon neutral by 2030, in line with the Council’s commitment to help tackling climate change
  • it will be a minimum of 10 years to ensure the best value and investment 


How you can get involved

The following online survey casks about your thoughts and priorities for the new contract (survey closes 28 June 2020):

complete the survey



Next steps

The next stage of the procurement will involve sharing data with the interested companies so they can start putting together their bids. This will include information such as the amount of grass that needs cutting and flower beds that need planting.



The timeline below is outline only and subject to change

Work streamDates
Developing the contract specificationSeptember 2019 to June 2020 
Tender process (contractor bid writing, negotiation and evaluation) July 2020 to October 2020 
Contract awardNovember 2020 to March 2021 
Contract start date  April 2021