Athlone Gardens

Athlone Gardens redevelopment


The Council has been working with Catalyst Housing Ltd. to develop proposals for improvements to what is being called the ‘temporary park’ at Athlone Gardens. The green space will change shape and expand over time as the regeneration project progresses until the full final park is delivered.

Current Project - June 2019

The Council has been working with Catalyst Housing Ltd. to develop proposals for Phase 1 of the new Athlone Gardens. The design is based on consultation with the community and will be the foundation for the new permanent park.

The design for phase 1 includes:

  • a new play area
  • a fenced dog agility area
  • a social zone with seating, ping pong and chess tables
  • planting of trees, wildflower turf and a lavender bed
  • a water fountain
  • new pathways
  • new benches and bins
Athlone Gardens phase 1 colour plan [PDF] (file size 366.9 KB)

The works are due to commence on 15 July and will take approximately 22 weeks to complete.

The works will be delivered in two halves, as per the drawings above; the south area and new playground will be completed first, then the current playground will be removed and improvements will start on the north side of the park.

We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.

As the green space grows there will be further detailed consultation on how the park will take shape.

Future Phases

The anticipated phasing for delivery of the final park can be viewed below, please note that the timescales are indicative and may change. We will consult with residents and park users at each phase of works.

Athlone Gardens phasing plan [PDF] (file size 3.77 MB)

Consultation Reports

In Autumn 2018 we ran a consultation on the look and feel items in the proposal giving residents and park users the chance to vote on what furniture, fittings, and planting they wanted to see in the new temporary park. The full consultation results can be viewed or downloaded below:

Athlone Gardens Consultation Report [PDF] (file size 172.1 KB)

In 2015 we ran a consultation to see what people wanted to see in the Phase 1 park. This consultation was not delivered because of changes to the phasing programme of the wider Wornington Green project which affected how the park land would be released. However, the results of this consultation were later used to influence the current Phase 1 design.