Athlone Gardens

Please note no barbeques are permitted in the park.

About the Athlone Gardens redevelopment


The Council has been working with Catalyst Housing Ltd to develop improvements to Athlone Gardens. 

Phase 1

This has now been completed and includes:

  • a new play area
  • a fenced dog agility area
  • a social zone with seating, ping pong and chess tables planting of trees, wildflower turf and a lavender bed
  • a water fountain
  • new pathways
  • new benches and bins
Phase 2


Works to open phase 2 of Athlone Gardens, area A shown below, are scheduled to start on Wednesday 26 May and run until the end of October. This work is being undertaken by Catalyst Housing Ltd.  

Phase 2 work includes:

  • Turning the haul road to the north and east of the site into park land
  • Relocating the dog agility area, including existing shelter and benches, to the new park space. The new dog agility will be 30 per cent larger and include two new pieces of equipment
  • Creation of a new park entrance on Faraday Road and extended footpaths

The current dog agility area will remain open during the works and will only be relocated once the new grass has grown and the new area is ready to open.

Map of the Athlone Gardens redevelopment with area A marked in blue and area B marked in red

Once the new park space is open, area B, shown above, will be handed back to Catalyst Housing to make way for the next phase of the Wornington Green Development.

Following completion of these works, the new park boundary will include everything within the black line on the above plan.

Future phases


Timescales are indicative and may change. We will consult with residents and park users at each phase of works.

Consultation Reports

In late 2020 we ran a consultation on the existing dog agility area and it’s relocation at Athlone Gardens. Residents and park users gave us their views on the existing area and voted on its relocation.

Results at a glance:

  • Most people ‘agreed’ that the Dog Agility area benefits Athlone Gardens
  • Many people ‘disagreed’ that the park should become ‘dog on lead only’ if the Dog Agility area is improved
  • Most people would like to see a larger Dog Agility area located away from the playground.

The results of this consultation will now be used as a basis for relocating the dog agility area within the park.

Download the full consultation report:

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Last updated: 4 January 2022