Kensington Memorial Park

Please note no barbeques are permitted in the park.


The waterplay area will be closed from Monday 2 August to Friday 6 August to complete the remainder of the upgrade works. The wet play area will be fully functioning from Saturday 7 August.

About Kensington Memorial Park

Kensington Memorial Park is a staffed park with the following facilities:

  • pleasant formal areas
  • a children’s playground
  • tennis, football, junior cricket and One O’clock club (managed by Family and Children’s Services)
  • public toilets

A kiosk is open during the summer months.


St Mark’s Road, W10

Opening times

7.30am until dusk

Kensington Memorial Park Water Play Area

The waterplay will open in two-hour sessions to allow for additional cleaning and system checks throughout the day. 

The session times will be as follows except Tuesdays when we open later at 12pm:

  • Session 1  10:30 to 12:30 
  • Session 2  13.00 to 15:00 
  • Session 3  15:30 to 17:30 

On Tuesday the sessions will be:

  • Session 1 12:00 to 13:30
  • Session 2 14:00 to 15:30
  • Session 3 16:00 to 17:30

The water play will close between sessions for extra cleaning and maintenance. 

Book to play sports

You can book to play sports at Kensington Memorial Park.

To book or for more information call 020 7602 2226 or email


Kensington Memorial Park Consultation 2021

Have your say on improvements to Kensington Memorial Park (St Mark’s Park).  

This is your chance to give us your thoughts on:

  • The future of park buildings
  • New park proposals
  • Improvements to the playground

We estimate the consultation survey will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Complete online survey


Alternatively, join us for consultation drop-in sessions in the park on:

  • Wednesday 21 July at 3-5pm,
  • Thursday 29 July 3-5pm,
  • Saturday 31 July 1-3pm
  • Tuesday 3 August at 10am - midday

Consultation Plan

By clicking below you can find further information on how and when we plan to speak to people about park improvements. 

Kensington Memorial Park Improvements timeline

The Kensington Memorial Park improvements timeline below gives further information on how and when we plan to speak to people about park improvements. 

Phase 1 - Listening

April-June 2021

  • Recognise and contact internal and external stakeholders for initial input
  • Initial ideas through focus group sessions with local community groups
  • Review initial ideas and feedback and then collate and present themes back to stakeholders

Phase 2 - Exploring

June-September 2021

  • Broader formal consultation through surveys, meetings and events using initial ideas as a foundation
  • Work with community and participation groups with peer to peer consultation
  • Review findings from broader formal consultation and present back to the community

Phase 3 - Formulating

September onwards

  • Hold participatory exercises (co-led design approach)
  • Plan improvements using a phased approach
  • Review of consultation process
  • Updates through meetings and updates on social media/website
  • Begin drafting scope of works
  • Begin tendering for larger aspects of the project

Phase 4 - Sharing

November onwards

  • Present contractor designs to community groups and focus groups for feedback
  • Finalise designs and organise plan of works with awarded contractors
  • Communicate timelines with stakeholders
  • Updates through meetings and updates on social media/website

Progress so far

Prior to this consultation we held a series of discussion groups in spring 2021, where members of the Parks Team met with local community groups to discuss issues and proposals for the park. Key findings from these discussions can be found below.

Phase 1 – Summary of Focus Group Sessions and Feedback

Comments and ideas have been summarised into different categories (a full list of feedback can be requested at

  • Refurbish toilet block for other use
  • New building to house complementary park facilities
  • Provide covered seating area
  • near café/kiosk
  • Provide improved disabled toilets
Outdoor fitness / sport
  • Install outdoor gym near St Marks Rd (2020 consultation)
  • Mix of calisthenics and machine-based equipment (2020 consultation)
  • Install fitness focussed junior trim trail circuit for young people
  • Introduce basketball hoops
  • Don’t prioritise funds for tennis court floodlights
  • Provide more challenging equipment for juniors
  • Improve offer for disabled users
  • Specific comments about playground items including zip wire, swings, climbing equipment
  • Provide places for parents to sit and shelter from elements
  • Feedback about proposed dog exercise area
  • Keep dogs away from sports pitch (when in use)
  • Try new methods to encourage people to pick up after their dog
  • Park too small for community garden
  • Wildflower planting on peripheral verges
  • Introduce sensory planting
  • Install water fountain
  • Install more peripheral footpaths
  • Improve seating and access for people with mobility issues
  • Farmer’s market not supported in park

If you require a more detailed summary of the findings from the focus groups please email

Closed Kensington Memorial Park Consultation 2020

We previously asked for your views on improvements to the water play area and proposals for a new outdoor gym at Kensington Memorial Park.

View feedback from this consultation.

Closed Kensington Memorial Park Consultation 2019

We sent out a survey asking about possible improvement to the buildings in the park. We have now analysed the results.

You can read the reports to find out what people said about the park.


History of Kensington Memorial Park

Kensington Memorial Park has been a public park since 1926 when it was opened to the public by Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll.

The land was bought in 1923 with funds provided by the Kensington War Memorial Committee. They wanted to create a suitable tribute to those who had given their lives in the First World War.

Kensington Memorial Park


Last updated: 27 July 2021