Powis Square

Please note no barbeques are permitted in the park.

About Powis Square

Powis Square is a small open square containing a free hard play area and children’s play area.


Powis Square W11

Opening times

7.30am until dusk

Powis Square improvements 2022

The Council is currently working with the Powis Square Steering Group and residents to co-design improvements to Powis Square. The works will cover three key areas. A new play area, improvements to the ballcourt including measures to help mitigate the sound and planting and landscaping works to the central area of the square.

Play Area

The first phase of the improvements will be the children’s play area. The play area design, focused on the results of the consultation conducted in 2021, which included input from 81 children who use the space. The play area work was put out to an open tender and was evaluated by residents, Eibe were selected as the winning supplier. The new design has been created considering feedback received and the new equipment will remain in the footprint of the current play area. 

Engagement Event
Come and see the play area designs and tell us your views at a drop-in session at Powis Square on Thursday 28 July between 4pm and 6pm

Alternatively, you can view the designs here and email your comments to powis@rbkc.gov.uk

Visualization of changes to the Powis square playground.
Visualization of changes to the Powis square playground.
Visualization of changes to the Powis square playground.
Visualization of changes to the Powis square playground.
Ball Court Area

The ballcourt area will be upgraded as part of this project and the improvements will look at ways to reduce noise to neighbouring properties.
The improvement works will include:

  • New surfacing to help reduce the sound of the ball bouncing
  • One basketball hoop only
  • New backboard and net to help reduce the sound
  • Planting along the boundary fence lines

The ball court group will shortly be working on the design brief for the ball court improvements which will then be put out to tender.


The central area and the boundaries around the square will be planted and new seating added. The Indian Princes Sculpture will remain, and new interpretation signage will also be installed explaining the history of the square. The landscaping group will begin work soon on the design brief for this area. 

Powis Square Consultation 2021

View more information about the consultation and the results.

September 2019 PowisSquare consultation


June 2019 Powis Square consultation


History of Powis Square

In the mid-19 century after the W11 area settled down to more conventional building, the planning was entrusted to Thomas Allom.

He leased the land to W.K. Jenkins, whose roots in the Welsh Marches are remembered in the name Powis Square. This was named after Powis Castle - a medieval military stronghold in Wales.

In the 1960’s there was a series of ‘break-ins’ and a march on the Town Hall by mothers and children. This lead Kensington and Chelsea to buy the square in 1968.


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