Ropers Gardens

Please note no barbeques are permitted in the park.

About Ropers Gardens

Ropers Gardens is a small sunken garden with sheltered seating. It has enclosed grass and shrub areas, and is near to Chelsea Embankment.


Cheyne Walk SW3

History of Ropers Gardens

The site was part of the marriage gift of Sir Thomas More to Margaret (his daughter) and William Roper in 1521. It was once an orchard.

On 17 April 1941, a parachute mine destroyed the buildings here. A small sunken garden was created on the damaged area.

Cllr Lady Heath, Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea laid the foundation stone on 11 March 1964. It was designed by Bridgwater Shepherd and Epstein.

Main feature of Ropers Gardens

The ancient cherry tree is the most outstanding feature in Ropers Gardens. This was planted to celebrate the visit of Gunji Koizumi, who introduced judo to the UK.


Last updated: 18 June 2021