The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Sports Awards

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Sports Awards will be held on Friday 27 September in the Small Hall at Kensington Town Hall.

The sports awards celebrate sport and physical activity in the borough, and look at ways in which people have inspired others through the power of sport and physical activity. Nominations have now closed for the 2019 Awards.

The categories for the sports awards are:

Young Person’s Award

To recognise an outstanding individual who has performed beyond their years or proved their potential to become an inspiration to others, who shows exceptional dedication to their sport and is someone who others can aspire to.

Disability Sports Person

This award goes to the person who despite their difficulties, attends all the sport sessions that they can. Who have made a massive impact in their individual sports.

Community Partner

Individual or group who have worked in partnership together as a force for good in their local community, improving lives of people around them through sport/physical activity. Supporting young people – bringing communities together to make a difference.

Volunteer of the Year

This award is for the person who does their work and does not get the recognition they deserve. They have quietly gone about the business putting other people’s needs before their selves.

Community Engagement Project Award

This award goes to someone who has been engaging with their local community to have a positive impact.

Sports Organisation of the Year

This award recognises the sports organisation or team that have inspired more participation in sport. They have carried out great work in running development programmes which attract and retain participants, and which help their members to develop their sports potential and promote active lifestyles.

Sports Personality Award

this award is for the person has achieved the most in a sporting capacity.

Power of Sport Award

This award is for someone who has used the power of sport and physical activity to improve the health, wellbeing and lives of those in their local community.

Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises an individual/organisation who has been influential and has significantly contributed to making a visible difference within the borough.


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