Special book collections

Folklore and Customs Collection

Myths, legends and cultures

The Folklore and Customs Collection covers a variety of interesting topics that range from manners and etiquette, different customs related to food, births, sex, marriages and funeral rites.

It also includes urban legends and rural tales, books of fairies and books of days, discussions about witchcraft and those explaining esoteric ideas. A large sequence covers a family of tales – fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends from across the globe.

Folklore journals

We also have a range of folklore journals including:

  • English Dance and Song
  • Folklore
  • Journal of American Folklore
  • Journal of the Folklore Institute 

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The Folklore and Customs Collection is housed at Kensington Central Library Most of the collection is kept in a store. If you’re looking for specific books or folklore information, ask our library staff who can search the collection for you.

Last updated: 23 February 2023