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Contacts for Safeguarding: Westminster

Consultation and Advice about a child/young person resident in the City of Westminster

To report a concern about a child or young person in Westminster please contact:

Westminster Access Team – Tel: 020 7641 4000
(Out of hours – 020 7641 6000)
Email: AccesstoChildrensServices@westminster.gov.uk

For case consultations or follow-up enquiries please contact the Duty Child Protection Adviser in the first instance on 020 7641 7668.

Gourita Gibbs
Child Protection Adviser
Telephone: 020 7641 4199
Email: ggibbs@westminster.gov.uk 

John Griffin
Child Protection Adviser
Telephone: 020 7641 1615
Email: jgriffin@westminster.gov.uk

Gabby Bernard
Child Protection Adviser
Telephone: 020 7641 4003
Email: gbernard@westminster.gov.uk 

For LADO consultations and referrals please contact the duty Child Protection Adviser on:

Telephone: 020 7641 7668 
Email: LADO@westminster.gov.uk

If you cannot reach a duty CP Adviser you can reach:

Sharon Ackbersingh
Safer Organisation Manager and Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
Telephone: 07714 845 702
Email: sharon.ackbersingh@rbkc.gov.uk

Safeguarding and Child Protection Training, Consultation and Advice for Schools and Education

Hilary Shaw
Safeguarding Lead for Schools and Education 
Telephone: 020 7598 4876
Mobile: 07817 365 519
Email: hilary.shaw@rbkc.gov.uk

Tri-borough FGM

Rochelle-Ann Naidoo
Tri-borough Senior Practitioner
Telephone: 020 7641 1610
Email: rnaidoo@westminster.gov.uk


Kiran Malik
Prevent Programme Manager, Westminster enquiries only
Telephone: 020 7641 5071
Email: kmalik@westminster.gov.uk

Tri-borough Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

Karen Duncan
Tri-Borough MASH Business Support Officer
Telephone: 020 7641 3991
Email: kduncan1@westminster.gov.uk

Bi-Borough Admissions and Access to Education (Children Missing Education, Child Employment and Elective Home Education enquiries)

Wendy Anthony
Bi-Borough Head of Admissions and Access to Education
Telephone: 020 7745 6440
Email: wendy.anthony@rbkc.gov.uk

In an emergency call the police on 999.