Message to residents: Leader of the Council, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Dear resident,

As Leader of the Council, I know that local people are feeling deeply worried and anxious during these extremely difficult times. I wanted to write to you to let you know that we are continuing to support vulnerable residents and businesses, working around the clock to provide critical services, and playing our part to help the voluntary sector.

Following the Prime Minister’s press conference last night, all of us are being asked to go that extra mile to tackle the spread of the virus. As a Council, we realise that being asked to stay at home for is extremely challenging. However, I wanted to ask that you do everything you can to comply - that means stay at home, only go out to shop to buy essentials or medicine, or to exercise once each day and only travel to work if you really cannot do so from home. We all need to follow these rules or more people will get infected.

At the Council, we are working at pace to bring ourselves up to speed with the PM’s latest announcements. We have closed libraries and leisure centres and, sadly, will be cancelling weddings. We have closed both indoor and outdoor gyms and children’s playgrounds. Parks are still open but you must keep your distance from anyone who does not live in your household. Schools remain open for those children who are vulnerable and for the children of key workers. Our website is updated daily with information about our services and also gives details of help for people facing financial hardship as well as advice for employers and businesses.

Part of the Government’s latest set of announcements was an instruction that local Councils must set up dedicated hubs to “shield” 1.5 million vulnerable people during this crisis. These are over-70s and people with existing medical conditions that have been identified by the NHS. I wanted let you know we have set up our hub. Read more about the hub

Thank you for doing your very best to try limit the spread of the virus. As a Council we will do all we can to support you during these difficult times. If you want further updates please visit our dedicated Covid-19 web pages.

Elizabeth Campbell signature

Elizabeth Campbell
Leader, Kensington and Chelsea Council