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Leighton House

Young People: Artist-led Life Drawing

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Young people drawing

Event Information


2 March 2024 / Multiple dates


90 minutes each session, multiple sessions


Leighton House


About the workshops

Join us for a series of  3 life drawing workshops for young people (aged 16-25), each of them led by an emerging artist. The free workshops will focus on a different aspect of Leighton’s drawing practice, in dialogue with the lead artist’s own work.  You can join one, two or all three of the workshops. 


Dates and timings

Saturday 2 March, 10:30am to 12pm with Elinor Stanley

Responding to Leighton’s use of drama, narrative and mood, Elinor Stanley’s workshop will explore how to life drawing can heighten drama, push narrative and accentuate mood.


Saturday 9 March, 10:30am to 12pm with Olivia Sterling

Responding to the theatrical elements of Leighton’s work, Olivia Sterling’s workshop will explore how contrast, negative space and misdirection can create interesting life drawings.

Sterling’s cropped compositions, often hiding figures’ faces, imply a narrative. Similarly, Leighton used drapery (drawing the folds and ripples of fabric) to imply a body.


Thursday 14 March, 7pm to 8:30pm with Naomi Afrassiabi

Inspired by the regular music concerts Leighton held in his art studio, Naomi Afrassiabi’s workshop will explore the relationship between music, movement and life drawing.

Please note this workshop runs 7pm-8:30pm, doors open 6:30pm, doors close 9pm


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Useful information
  • These workshops are specifically designed for unaccompanied young people aged 16-25 years old. 
  • All levels welcomed, from someone who has never drawn to more experienced artists. 
  • Drawing boards, essential art materials and paper provided. 
  • Please note that the morning workshops are held when the museum is open to the public and visitors will be onsite. 
  • For the evening workshop, doors open at 6:30pm. The workshop is held in Leighton's studio from 7pm-8:30pm. Doors close at 9pm. 
  • All workshops include access to the historic house. 
  • Life models will be semi-clothed (wearing fitted gym wear) and/or clothed.  
  • Please note that our exhibition galleries will remain closed during the evening workshop. 
  • This is a free event and capacity is limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have booked a ticket but cannot longer attend, so that we can release the space to someone else.


Meet the artists

Elinor Stanley uses painting to amplify and heighten experience; the figurative focus of a painting shifts as a confused eye might. The painting configures a weighted, biased gaze, a sense of unsteadiness or vertigo. Stanley’s work is founded in drawing. She works in series, creating multiple iterations of repeating images. Subjects and ideas circle as they do in the mind, turning over and over.

Olivia Sterling presents the viewer with scenes of daily life that subtly critique attitudes towards race, class, gender and social status. Through her work’s outwardly jovial exterior, Sterling lulls us into a false sense of security and forces us to consider our own misconceptions and prejudices.

Naomi Afrassiabi is a writer and image maker based in London. Her work is largely figurative and uses the gesture as a point of departure, both when writing and drawing. From a movement so starts a narrative. Naomi has published a book of poetry and has a novel forthcoming.


Artist-led Life Drawing for Young People  is supported by  The Cosman Keller Art & Music Trust.

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