Budget 2017: Grenfell recovery to get further funding

22 November 2017

Today, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, has welcomed investment of £28 million from the 2017 budget for Grenfell families, survivors, and the local community.

In consultation with the community, the money will be used to support the refurbishment of the Lancaster West estate and to help the North Kensington community plan for the future and rebuild their lives following the tragedy. It will also be used to improve direct services for the bereaved families via a dedicated community space, and to further support mental health services in the area, alongside existing NHS agencies.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell said: “I have always said judge me on my actions, not my words. Securing money in the budget for Grenfell is a good step, but now I am focused on getting the investment into the key areas where it is needed. We want to redouble our efforts before Christmas to help families with children.

“We had emergency reserves and we have spent them on what was a national emergency. Few councils would have had the emergency reserves to do so.

“This extra funding allows us to look beyond the ongoing rehousing effort, which we have spent over £200m on, and help to secure a long term future for the people of North Kensington.”