Consultation on disposal of school playing field at Marlborough Primary School

The plans mean that part of the old school site is no longer needed.  Therefore a new commercial building and footpath, connecting Draycott Avenue and Sloane Avenue are part of the development.  These will be built on land that previously had housed the pottery shed, nursery and play centre, together with a small part of the old playground. 

It is the intention of the Council to lease out the commercial building, and use the income to maintain Council services across the borough at a time when central government grants to the Royal Borough are being reduced year-on-year.   

In order to do this the Council is applying to the Secretary of State for Education under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to dispose of 559 square metres of former playground. See the Marlborough site ground plan. For the purpose of the Act is described as a playing field, and as part of this process is consulting residents, parents and teachers for their views.  If you have a view on the proposals please email by Friday 6 November.

Marlborough Primary School and commercial building
Footpath linking Draycott Avenue and Sloane Avenue
Marlborough site ground plan [PDF] (file size 223.81 KB)