Barlby and Treverton project

Barlby Primary School

Cabinet meeting update

The Cabinet meeting scheduled for 29 June 2017 was to consider the borough-wide Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy. A special Cabinet meeting had also been arranged for 13 July to consider the outcome of the Treverton Regeneration Options Appraisal and officers’ initial recommendations. However, given the catastrophic tragedy at Grenfell Tower, presentation of these reports to the June and July Cabinet meetings has been postponed.

It is anticipated that the Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy and regeneration options will be considered by Cabinet at a later date, potentially in the late autumn; however, we will update these pages and write to Treverton Estate residents again when we have further information.  

The Royal Borough’s Cabinet agreed to explore options for redeveloping Barlby Primary School and regenerating the Treverton Estate.

You can read about our proposals for the school on our Barlby Primary School web page.

We are also looking at what opportunities there may be for improving existing homes and building new ones on and around:

  • 319-339 Ladbroke Grove
  • Raymede and Treverton Towers
  • 5 Exmoor Street
  • 1-18 Burleigh House

In doing so, we aim to:

  • improve existing Council tenants’ homes and their estate
  • improve the urban environment and
  • seek to minimise disruption as we do this.

Whatever the Council decides to do we will always come and talk to you about any options or proposals we are considering and no Council tenants will be forced to move away from the area. We have organised a number of consultation events for all residents who could be affected by our proposals and will continue to keep them informed.

Read the Council's commitment to tenants and leaseholders.