Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most asked questions. If you have any other questions regarding the proposals please email

Will there be a reduction of outside play space in the new Barlby School?  Although the current school has a lot of outside space, a significant proportion of it is largely underused. Some current school land will be released for housing (pending receipt of a satisfactory planning consent and approval from the Secretary of State) which will help towards the cost of building the two new schools.

We are confident that the new areas will provide suitable playground/outdoor space for sports and active play, quiet reflection and horticulture. This is the case at the rebuilt ARK Brunel Primary Academy in Middle Row W10, which was completed in 2014, and on which the Barlby outdoor areas are based. 

The new Barlby Primary and new special school will mean more traffic in the area. How will this be addressed? Having more pupils may generate more traffic but the school will continue to work with parents to minimise unnecessary car use and encourage other forms of transport. As part of the proposals, a Green Travel plan will be drawn up highlighting public transport routes and other options including walking and the use of scooters.

An off-street drop-off space will be provided for vehicles transporting children to the special school who are not able to travel on their own.

Will class sizes at Barlby School increase as a result of the expansion? Classes will be based on groups of 30, which is the norm for England and reflects an effective way of enabling children to learn and socialise appropriately. The new building will, however, have more purpose-built small group areas to allow children to be taught in smaller numbers when they need to be to address particular strengths or challenges.

Will the new routes and entrances be safe? Every effort will be made to ensure that the entrances to both schools are safe and meet the needs of the children and families.  We will work closely with the Planning and Highways departments to ensure that is the case.

Will the building work cause disruption to pupils? Although disruption is a feature of any building project, works will be phased in a way to minimise disruption. Children will remain in the existing Barlby Primary School building until the new school is ready to move into.

We will use a contractor who has extensive experience of working on schools that remain in use during building works.  Major works will be planned to minimise disruption to the school day and children will not at anytime come into contact with builders. The construction site will be completely separate to the existing school.

Noise and dust levels will be monitored to ensure they are kept to a minimum. Construction will be done in accordance with local and national guidelines for school buildings and teaching will be maintained to the high standards for which the school is renowned.