Marlborough Primary School

New Marlborough Primary School

Three closely related sites in the heart of Chelsea – Marlborough Primary School, Denyer Street Waste Depot and the Clearings site on Draycott Avenue SW3 are being redeveloped.

As part of the plans John Lewis agreed to pay for the redevelopment of Marlborough Primary School and to use the Clearings as an interim school while the work was undertaken. This was a one-off opportunity for the Council to redevelop a successful school with poor accessibility and which was under growing pressure to meet demand for more places.

Marlborough Primary School’s intake has been increasing in size for the last five years and this has put pressure on teaching and play space. The Council looked at the options to expand and modernise the old building but the best option, as well as the most cost effective, is to build a brand new school.

Sloane Avenue
CGI of New Marlbrough Primary School from Sloane Avenue

The interim school

The Clearings site has been converted into an interim school which opened in September 2015, providing far more space and modern amenities than in the current Marlborough. Not only are year groups able to study next to each other, there are additional rooms and spaces for one-to-one support and small groups to learn more intensively. There are also more spaces for confidential meetings with parents.

The building provides staff with the opportunity to provide much more coordinated and flexible teaching, as well as giving pupils a much better environment in which to learn.

The new school

The old school site was handed over to contractors at the beginning of September 2015. Construction of the new school building will commence in December 2015 and it will open in September 2017.

The growing number of pupils need more space, not just to learn in, but to play in, by the time the new school is opened pupil numbers will have grown to 445. The old school’s total internal area was 3,785 sq m, the interim school is 4,979 sq m and the new Marlborough Primary School will have 5,668 sq m. The old school had 1,536 sq m of playground space, the interim has 2,210 sq m and the new school will have 2,605 sq m in total, 70 per cent larger than the existing school’s play space.

The new Marlborough School will have two halls, which have the flexibility to be used as one very large space. There will be a games area on the roof and first floor, providing additional sports areas. There will also be also a biodiversity roof and more trees and green space than the current school offers.

Watch work on the new Marlborough Primary School

The new school being built from start to finish