Pembroke Road

Cabinet meeting update

The Cabinet meeting scheduled for 29 June 2017 was to consider the borough-wide Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy. A special Cabinet meeting had also been arranged for 13 July to consider the outcome of the Warwick Road Estate (Pembroke Road) Options Appraisal and officers’ initial recommendations. However, given the catastrophic tragedy at Grenfell Tower, presentation of these reports to the June and July Cabinet meetings has been postponed.

It is anticipated that the Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy and regeneration options will be considered by Cabinet at a later date, potentially in the late autumn; however, we will update these pages and write to Warwick Road Estate residents again when we have further information.  

Kensington and Chelsea Council is currently reviewing options for the future of the Warwick Road Estate off Pembroke Road, which includes Broadwood Terrace and Chesterton Square.

The Council have embarked on an ambitious regeneration programme across the Borough and is considering four options for the Estate:

  1. Continued Maintenance
  2. Infill/Refurbishment
  3. Partial Redevelopment
  4. Full Redevelopment

As these options are refined, it is important that residents, local communities and interested parties have their say.

The main reasons for the review of the Estate are:

  • the deteriorating condition of the buildings themselves and the fact that the Council offices are becoming progressively less suitable as a base for modern Council services
  • the Council's current financial position
  • the tremendous untapped potential of the two sites to generate more residential homes 
  • great demand for new housing of all types across the borough and the Council being under increasing pressure to use its own landholdings to meet that demand.