Silchester East and West

Update on the Options Appraisal

We were due to hold consultation events on the Options Appraisal for Silchester East and West in July and September, with a Cabinet decision expected in November 2017. A Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy was also due to be considered by Cabinet on 29 June, following a borough-wide consultation. 

Given the catastrophic tragedy at Grenfell Tower, all work on the Options Appraisal and on the Leaseholder and Freeholder Policy has been put on hold. The study trip, weekly drop-ins, housing needs surveys, forthcoming residents’ meetings related to the Options Appraisal and the July and September consultation events will all be postponed. We will update these pages and write to Silchester residents again when we have further information. 


Building new homes for North Kensington

The Council has been looking into the possibility of regenerating the Silchester Estate.

The focus of our study is on land and properties already in Council ownership but we are also looking at the wider area shown on the plan below. This is because we want to understand the potential to improve the area as a whole and also in case other nearby landlords, social and private, are interested in partnering with us to build new homes.

As well as the residential potential of the area, our study is looking at the opportunities for creating employment through new retail and office space and for new social and community spaces. We will also want to look at ways to improve the townscape and open spaces in order to make this part of Kensington more attractive.

It is important to state that there is a lot more work to do before we decide whether to go ahead with redevelopment and what that would involve. We are exploring options which could create better homes for existing and future residents, additional affordable housing and an improved built environment. 

The Council has made a commitment to work with tenants and leaseholders. You can read our commitment to stakeholder engagement below.