Greener, Safer, Fairer – K&C launches its new four-year plan

Published: Wednesday 1 March 2023

Kensington and Chelsea has published its new Council Plan following extensive consultation with residents, businesses, and community groups.

After hearing from over a thousand of voices throughout the borough, the Council’s leadership team have set out a clear and concise vision that maps out the priorities for the next four years and what people want the organisation to focus on.

The focal point of the new plan is a mission and a further shift in culture, with an ambition to become the best council for a borough that is greener, safer, and fairer.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, leader of the Council, said:


“I really want to thank everybody that contributed. We have a clear focus in the borough, and that is down to the efforts of our residents and businesses to be involved and engaged.


“The foundation of our approach has been set by the bereaved families and survivors from Grenfell, who told us directly that the legacy they want to see from the tragedy in 2017 is this Council simply being the best Council.


“We are accepting this challenge. The hard work continues and we will redouble our efforts, from today.”


The Council has made a number of early announcements to underpin the plan.

The Council will freeze council tax to support people with the cost of living, and go further by providing a £100 Cost of Living Rebate for people living in properties that are council tax band A to D. This is putting a total of £1.7m back into the pockets of residents, at a time when they really need it. In the wake of Covid-19 and in the face of high living costs.

Further investment in tackling climate change, including a £14m fund to accelerate net zero commitments in our own buildings and vehicles, this includes a ringfenced £8m fund for schools to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the council has immediately launched a programme to better connect its own staff with the communities they serve, no matter what their role or position is. Every officer at the Council will be asked to spend at least two days a year volunteering in the borough on local projects and with local organisations.

Cllr Campbell said:


“This is about connection, compassion, and understanding and being part of the communities we serve.


“Our budget, our Council Plan, and these commitments complement each other and signal the direction of travel for this organisation.”

At full council, council leader Elizabeth Campbell set out the ambitions in a speech.

Read Cllr Elizabeth Campbell's speech in full.