Council Plan 2023 to 2027

Becoming the Best Council for a Borough that is Greener, Safer, Fairer.

A headshot photo of Cllr Elizabeth Campbell against a pale Blue background.

A message from the Leader

Our vision for the next four years.
A photo of a mosaic in the shape of a flower hung on a light green wall. The centre of the flower has a gold star with six hearts around it. There are twelve petals surrounding the centre of the flower and each petal has a word on each petal. The words on the petals are “Forever, Love, Hope, Unity, Solidarity, Respect, Courage, Together, Grace, Change, Resilience, Future.

Becoming the Best Council

A commitment to become the best Council for all our residents.

Our Borough

Kensington and Chelsea is a unique and diverse central London borough, which is rich in culture and heritage.


A Greener Kensington and Chelsea

Delivering greener neighbourhoods, cleaner air, and healthier lives for everyone who lives here.

A Safer Kensington and Chelsea

Keeping people safe in their homes, on their streets and in their neighbourhoods.

A Fairer Kensington and Chelsea

Ensuring residents are supported, listened to, and can access the services they need.

Making it happen

How we will deliver our priorities as a competent and caring Council for residents in Kensington and Chelsea.


Last updated: 1 March 2023