Housing and Communities Select Committee

What does this committee do?

The Housing and Communities Select Committee is one of the Council’s scrutiny committees. This means that members of this committee are local councillors who are not part of the council’s decision-making Leadership Team. Instead, they hold the council to account and scrutinise issues affecting life in the borough. The topics and policy areas that fall within the remit of this select committee are listed below.

Topics this Select Committee can scrutinise

The Housing and Communities Select Committee has the power to scrutinise any of the following issues:

  • The provision, planning, management and performance of all housing services;
  • Partnerships associated with the delivery of housing;
  • Improvement and delivery of social housing;
  • Management of the Council’s housing stock, including organisations charged or contracted to undertake this;
  • Housing strategy and implementation;
  • Community relations;
  • Consultation with the local community;
  • Corporate asset management.

Current priorities for this Select Committee

The main scrutiny priorities for the Housing and Communities Select Committee were decided by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in September 2020.

Over the next municipal year, the Housing and Communities Select Committee has been tasked with scrutinising these priority topics:

  • Communities
  • Housing repairs
  • Housing safety and healthy homes 
  • Illegal subletting and anti-social behaviour

The Select Committee will carry out scrutiny of these topics throughout the municipal year. Meeting papers and agendas are available on the Council committee pages

Last updated: 2 December 2020