Cycling grid routes

Central London Cycling Grid routes

Central London Cycle Grid is a network of cycle routes across central London developed in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) and other authorities in Central London.

This page details the routes that run through our borough.

East - west route

North - south route

Glossary of terms

Granite overrun area: section of road paved with granite set slightly higher than the tarmac. Vehicles can drive over them, to pass a parked vehicle for example, but drivers normally avoid going over them for a smoother journey. This provides some protection from oncoming vehicles for cycles wishing to turn right.

Entry treatment: at the mouth of a junction, the side road is raised to the level of the pavement. This makes it easier for pedestrians to cross and encourages vehicles to reduce speeds when turning through the junction.

Raised table: similar to an entry treatment, but all arms of the junction are raised to the level of the pavement, to discourage vehicles from driving at high speeds.

Two-way cycling: providing signs and road markings to indicate to all road users, from both ends of a street, that cyclists may travel legally in both directions on a one-way street.

Last updated: 29 November 2019