Mitre Lane to Ledbury Road

Plans of the proposals for the Mitre Lane to Ledbury Road Quietway

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Mitre Way to Ledbury Road [PDF] (file size 5.6 MB)

Here are the individual plans for each section of the route

Mitre Way - Bracewell Road [PDF] (file size 897.48 KB)
Bracewell Road [PDF] (file size 592.15 KB)
N Pole Rd - Latimer Rd [PDF] (file size 541.16 KB)
Latimer Road North [PDF] (file size 336.68 KB)
Latimer Road - Latimer PLace [PDF] (file size 326.34 KB)
Latimer Road [PDF] (file size 328.94 KB)
Latimer Road South [PDF] (file size 360.01 KB)
Under Westway [PDF] (file size 357.4 KB)
Darfield Road West [PDF] (file size 377.15 KB)
Darfield Way East [PDF] (file size 368.56 KB)
Bramley Road - Silchester Road [PDF] (file size 397.4 KB)
Silchester Road West [PDF] (file size 379.58 KB)
Silchester Road zebra [PDF] (file size 448.08 KB)
Lancaster Road [PDF] (file size 426.05 KB)
St Mark's Road - Lancaster Road [PDF] (file size 415.02 KB)
St Mark's Rd - Cornwall Crescent [PDF] (file size 131.31 KB)
Blenheim Cres - St Mark's Rd [PDF] (file size 100.49 KB)
Blenheim Cres - Ladbroke Grove [PDF] (file size 79.69 KB)
Blenheim Cres - Portobello Rd [PDF] (file size 119.34 KB)
All Saints Church Talbot Rd [PDF] (file size 131.96 KB)
Talbot Rd - Ledbury Rd [PDF] (file size 681.88 KB)