Advice for builders - Highways

Highways and Transportation

The contractor must work in such a way as to safeguard existing rights-of-way, minimise congestion on the footway and carriageway and minimise the use of on-street parking. The Highways Act 1980 (particularly Part IX) sets out requirements relating to construction work on or near the highway.

The contractor must obtain the necessary permits and licences for various temporary uses of the Highway; for example fenced storage areas, placing of skips, erecting of scaffolding and gantries, the suspension of parking bays, road and footpath closures and diversions, operation of fixed or mobile cranes, and erection of hoardings. Where the construction works are implementing a planning permission, a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) may be required as a condition of the permission. 

The plan must be submitted and approved by the Council before any works can take place on site. When a CTMP is required, the Council will not issue any other permits and licences until the CTMP has been agreed and the condition formally discharged by the Department of Planning and Borough Development.

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Reporting obstructions on the highway

If there are obstructions on the highway that are causing you problems, please make a note of what is occurring and the time and date. In the first instance, contact the site manager and try to find a solution. If the problem persists and the site manager is unwilling to co-operate, please phone Streetline on 020 7361 3001.