Traffic Management Orders

Managing traffic in the borough

Traffic Management Orders are legal documents that enable the Council, as the local highway authority, to manage traffic in the city. This includes the use of roads for parking.

Details of permanent traffic orders can be found below. Details of how to request a temporary traffic order temporary traffic order to close a road or impose a prohibited turn can be found on our temporary traffic orders page.


We use maps to show where permanent traffic orders and restrictions are in place.

If you want to find out about a permanent traffic order for a particular road or set of roads contact:

You will need to tell us the exact area you're interested in.

Changes to traffic orders

When we want to make a change to a traffic order we:

  • advertise the proposed change in a local newspaper
  • put up notices on street near the location about the proposed change
  • consult with the emergency services and transport associations

Anyone can make a representation to us about the proposals.

Search for a Traffic Management Order

Use our search tool to find out about recent Traffic Management Orders and those under consultation.

Search for traffic orders.

Last updated: 31 January 2022