Temporary Traffic Orders (TTO)

Information about temporary traffic orders, including costs, conditions, how to apply and the cost.

Temporary Traffic Orders

You can apply for a temporary traffic order to close most roads within the borough or to impose a prohibited turn or access or egress of a road. We generally grant a temporary traffic order only after all other avenues of traffic management have been reviewed and it has been agreed that this is the only way to safely let your planned activity take place, You will also need to suspend all the parking within the closed off area, and depending upon the reason of the closure, other permits may also need to be applied and paid for.

What are the conditions?

  • Because of the inconvenience that these closures cause to the general public, we request that they are planned to be carried out at the most convenient time and for as short a time as possible in order to minimise disruption.
  • You must provide us with an easy to read clear drawing of your planed closure area, showing the extent of the closure and the proposed diversion route that you will be deploying to divert the traffic around the area of the closure.
  • You must sign an indemnify form to indemnify the The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, against any damages or legal claims as a result of your actions.
  •  It takes a minimum of six weeks from the date of application and payment before a temporary traffic order can be raised, but on certain roads it can take longer.
  • You are required to employ the services of a competent person or company to deploy and maintain the signage of diversion route and all the signs and barriers that are required in order to close the road.
  • You must formally inform all of the residents and businesses within the affected area of your planned closure, and deal with any objections that they may have.
  • You must follow all your licence's conditions, including any concerning pedestrian safety

How do I apply for a Temporary Traffic Order?

You can apply for a Temporary Traffic Order by completing the online Temporary Traffic Order form.

How much does a temporary traffic order cost?

  • the cost of a Temporary Traffic Oorder is £1,594 (minimum 6 weeks advance notice is required, but if it affects major roads or any TfL roads, then it could take up to 12 weeks)
  • We will issue you with a copy of the temporary traffic order before the event, which you must display on site for the duration of the closure.

Parking suspension?

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