Street lighting

Street lighting in the borough

We design local street lighting to:

  • provide uniform lighting along the street
  • prevent dark areas
  • avoid light pollution

We use light sources that:

  • provide white light
  • produce clear CCTV pictures
  • create an attractive night time environment

All our street lights have full optical control which limits light pollution and sky glow.

 street light

 lantern                               embankment light


We reduce clutter by fixing lights to buildings when we can. 

We choose column designs that will fit in with the local area. This means that some locations will have elegant, traditional columns and others could have a more modern design.

We preserve historic light fittings wherever possible.


We carry out night time inspections:

  • every two weeks in winter
  • every three weeks in summer

Inspections can help identity faults such as failed bulbs. We also have a rolling programme of structural and electrical inspections that we feed in to our annual maintenance and renewal programmes.

Report a problem

To report a problem with street lighting contact Streetline:

Last updated: 29 November 2019