Winter maintenance

Gritting roads

Our Waste Management department is responsible for gritting public roads and pavements during adverse weather conditions. We prioritise:

  • main roads
  • vulnerable points such as pedestrian crossings, access to schools and social services properties

Red routes

Transport for London are responsible for maintaining the red routes which run through the borough. If you have any questions about red routes call 020 7343 5000 or email [email protected].

Clearing ice and snow outside your property

There is no law to stop you from clearing snow and ice from:

  • the pavement outside your property
  • pathways to your property
  • public spaces

It is very unlikely that you would face any legal liability as long as you make sure you do not make the pavement or pathway more dangerous than before.

If you want to clear snow and ice from pavements and public spaces:

  • start early - it's much easier to remove fresh snow before it becomes compacted ice after people have walked on it
  • don't use hot water - it will melt the snow but could freeze into dangerous black ice
  • be a good neighbour - help people who are not able to clear paths and footways themselves
  • think about where you will put shovelled snow so that it doesn't block people’s paths or block drains
  • make a pathway down the middle of the area you want to clear first so you have a clear surface to walk on, then you can shovel snow from the centre to the sides
  • spread table or dishwasher salt on the area you have cleared to stop ice forming - about a tablespoon for each square metre you clear 
  • do not use salt from salting bins as we need this to keep roads clear
  • take care on steps and steep gradients to ensure snow and ice is removed - you might need to apply additional salt to these areas
  • use the sun - remove the top layer of snow and let the sun melt any ice underneath (however you will need to cover any ice with salt to stop it refreezing overnight)
  • use sand or ash if you don't have salt to reduce slipping

Find out more

Find out about emergency plans for major incidents including severe weather.

If you have any questions about severe weather email [email protected].

Last updated: 29 November 2019