Apply for a suspension

Before you apply for a suspension you will need to check the required notice period before you apply. 

Notice: Fees from 1 April 2016 .

NOTICE: When returning Parking suspension forms by post  please note that Parking services have a new postal address. Return forms by post to: RBKC Parking Services, PO Box 67735, London W6 6FX

Download the parking suspension application form

Download the Utility Company Suspension application form (for utility companies wishing to suspend parking places) 

Return the completed form by:

We do not accept applications over the phone.

You can also visit the Customer Service Centre at the Kensington Town Hall or phone 020 7361 4385 to request a form. 

We will check your completed form and contact you if there is a problem. We will send confirmation when we have approved your application and received payment.


If you need to renew your suspension you must tell us in writing by 3pm on the day before the suspension ends. If you do not, the bays will return to general use and you will have to reapply and will need to give the required notice period before the suspension starts again.