Filming and photography in the borough

Information on requirements for filming and photography in the borough. This includes the application process and lead times.

Facilitating Filming

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and following regulations and guidance from the Government, RBKC Film Office is required to carefully consider each application in line with this guidance, surrounding large groups of people gathering and to protect our residents whilst maintaining social distancing.

On Friday 4 September, you will be able to apply for a filming and photography application onine via the RBKC portal offered by The Councils Film office.

Applications for cast and crew over ten people will be considered on a case by case basis, taking into account the impact the activity could have on the proposed location and the local community. Productions will need to demonstrate a clear plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, in line with current Government advice:

  • Assurances to how social distancing will be maintained for cast and crew, and in managing the public
  • Assurances on health and hygiene measures that will be implemented during the proposed film or photographic shoot event, to prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • Crew completing the free Screen Skills Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production

Please note, should Government advice change and not support the scale of operation required, bookings will be cancelled or postponed. The Film office will endeavour to provide production companies with up to six weeks’ notice of cancellation.

We recognise that this may be frustrating and we share your frustration that many film and photography shoots will not go ahead at this time. The safety of our residents and staff remains our top priority, alongside supporting the NHS and care providers. We will continue to follow the Government regulations and advice, and regularly review this approach when new guidance is published.
Please read the latest Government guidance on the GOV.UK website for further details.

Filming and Photography in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Our aim is to ensure that all filming and photography activities are carried out safely and with minimum disruption to our residents and businesses. We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing a friendly and effective service, using our local knowledge and expertise in dealing with all manner of filming enquiries and facilitating large and small shoots
  • co-ordinating Council services and providing a trouble-shooting service
  • protecting the interests of our residents and ensuring that those filming on-street adhere to best practice and to all Council requirements

Apply to film

To film or photograph in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you will need need to apply for a Notice of No Objection unless your shoot is all of the following:

  • cast and crew is under 5 people
  • all equipment is handheld, and
  • the shoot is on a public street

We require a minimum of 10 working days to process your application, but can sometimes process late applications at the Film Officer’s discretion.

Please apply for a Notice of No Objection on the FilmApp website.

You must provide Public Liability Insurance covering a minimum indemnity of £5million.

Film London Code of Practice


Fees and charges

Filming fees 2020-21



You will need to make an application to film or photograph in any of our parks regardless of cast and crew size. This includes all wedding/engagement shoots.

Our parks fees are listed under our ‘Filming Fees and Charges’

Please see Kyoto Garden Filming/Photography T&Cs for any activity within the Japanese Garden

Kyoto Garden Filming and Photography Terms and Conditions

Parking suspensions

To apply for a parking suspension, please download and complete the Parking Suspension Form 2018 below and return it to us at:, along with a map.

Parking Suspension Form

Parking Suspension Form Word document

Please note:

  • we require 5 working days to suspend pay and display bays, and 15 working days to suspend residential bays (in special circumstances, we can also disregard single yellow lines)
  • residential bays are suspended at a film officer’s discretion, with the expectation that pay and display bays are suspended to give residents alternative parking nearby
  • we do not suspend bays for cast and crew cars
  • we only process suspensions for Winnebago’s if there will be minimal disruption to residents (Winnebago’s must never be extended onto highway or pavement)


You will need a Temporary Highway Consent (THC) licence if you are placing a structure, such as a dolly and track, or light on the highway.

Please complete the THC Indemnity Form and return to us at:, along with a map with dimensions, to apply for a THC licence.

Temporary Highway Consent Indemnity Form

Temporary Highway Consent Indemnity Form Word document

If you are using any lifting equipment, such as a jib or a cherry picker, you will need to apply for a Mobile Lifting Operations (MLO) licence. Please see the Mobile Lifting Operations (MLO) page for more information.

In special circumstances, the council will facilitate traffic management. Please see the Temporary Traffic Orders (TTO) page for more information.


For filming locations visit the Filming and Events Location Library websitewhich hosts potential filming locations across the borough.


Please contact us directly regarding drone filming.

Contact us

To enquire about filming in the borough, please email us at: