Terms and conditions

We suspend parking places so that necessary work can be carried out by the public utilities (gas, water and electricity companies). Also, so that private companies and individuals may carry out removals and provide services.

An application for the suspension of a parking bay is available to vans, lorries and trucks. We do not grant suspensions for cars, people carriers, four-wheel-drive vehicles or minibuses.

Submission of this form is not an agreement that the suspension will be agreed.

1. How to apply

Application forms are available on www.rbkc.gov.uk/parking or you can visit the Customer Service Centre at the Kensington Town Hall or phone 020 7361 4385 to request a form.

Applications can be submitted in the following manner:

  • website: complete and submit an online application form
  • fax: 020 7368 0290 or
  • post to: Parking Suspension Team, P O Box 67735, London W6 6FX or 
  • in person: Customer Service Centre, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX

We do not accept applications over the phone.

2. Conditions of application

The application must be submitted prior* to the suspension start date as follows:

  • We need 10 working days to suspend a resident, numbered disabled bay, diplomatic, car club, or doctors’ parking bay.
  • We need 2 working days notice to suspend a Pay and Display or a blue badge disabled parking bay.
  • Where chargeable days are not booked as cumulative, seven consecutive days are required between the end of an application and the start of a new one for the same location and by same applicant for the higher charges not to apply. 

We do not count Saturday, Sunday, bank and public holidays as notification days, so you should take these into account when arranging a suspension.

*We must receive your application before 3pm for it to be accepted for that day.

If your application is unsuccessful we will call to explain why or to offer a possible alternate location for the suspension.

3. Payment

A suspension cannot be granted unless full payment has been received in advance.

Payment can be made by cheque, credit card and debit card (excludes Amex or Diners Club cards).

Cheques should be made payable to “RB Kensington and Chelsea” and submitted with the application form at least 7 days prior to the requested suspension date so it can clear.

Cash should not be enclosed with the application form unless visiting to pay in person at the Customer Service Centre in the Kensington Town Hall.

Or ask the operator for an alternative payment method to be considered (if processed ahead of the suspension.)

4. Conditions of use

Suspensions for resident parking bays apply from:

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.30pm (includes areas where zone hours end at 10pm).
  • Saturdays from 8.30am to 1.30pm or 6.30pm, depending on the zone hours for the location.
  • Sundays from 1pm to 5pm. 

Suspensions for any other type of parking bays apply from:

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.30pm.
  • Saturday from 8.30am to 1.30pm or 6.30pm, depending on the zone hours for the location. 

5. Suspension fees and admin charges

Depending on the number of suspension days required, there are three categories of fees that apply.

The suspension fee is chargeable per day, per space* required as follows:

  • from one to five days, £51 per space per day then
  • from six to forty two days, £77 per space per day then
  • from forty three days or more, £102 per space per day

We suspend parking places for utility companies on the first day only (unless the reason is for traffic flow) to enable them to access the requested site to carry out necessary works.

*available in a marked out bay (eg pay and display) or in 5 metre lengths only within unmarked spaces (eg resident bays)

Admin charges

An administrative fee will be charged, per application, if you cancel or make changes to the application as follows:

Any changes, including cancellation, to the suspension application after the sign has been put up  £17
Two or more changes, including cancellation, to the suspension application before the sign has been put up  £12

The admin fee will be charged if we have to cancel your suspension because it is not being used for the purpose approved.

All administration charges for skip permits, temporary structures and plant and material licenses must be paid in addition to the suspension fees.

6. Extending a suspension

A request to extend a suspension is required in writing by 3pm on the day before it expires. We must be able to contact you to take payment.

If you suspension is due to expire on a Sunday or a Monday you must advise us before 3pm on the Friday.

7. Renewing a suspension

You must renew a suspension before 3pm on the day prior to your suspension expiring.

If your suspension expires on Sunday or Monday, we must receive your renewal and payment before 3pm on the Friday prior to expiry.

If you have any problems please contact the Parking Suspensions Team on 020 7361 4385.

8. Cancellations

Cancellation requests must be received in writing. Requests received before 3pm will be processed for the following day.

A £17 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel a suspension application after the signs have been erected, or

A £12 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel a suspension application before it starts and before the signs have been put up.

The admin fee will be charged if we have to cancel your suspension because it is not being used for the purpose approved.

9. Refunds

All requests for refunds must be received in writing by the Suspension Team and can be sent by email to parking.suspensions@rbkc.gov.uk or by faxination to 020 7368 0290 before any action can be taken.

A refund will not be considered if the request is sent after the original finish date.

10. Enforcement

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea provide the parking suspension service in accordance with statutory powers and duties and reasonable care will be taken in processing applications. However, no liability is accepted for any financial loss (whether direct or consequential) that may arise as a result of accepting an application.

If you have any difficulties with vehicles obstructing the suspended bays then please telephone our contractor on 020 7361 3949 or fax details to 020 7352 0528.