Parking penalty charges

Parking penalties

If you are charged with a parking penalty, the fee you pay will depend on how serious the parking contravention is.

There are two levels of charges: 

  • higher charge for parking contraventions that cause major disruption and danger to pedestrians and other road users
  • lower charge for less serious contraventions

The roads in the borough are classified as Band A for on-street and off-street contraventions:

 More serious (as defined by Appendix 1)Less serious (as defined by Appendix 2)
Borough roads - Band A£130£80

If you pay your fee within 14 days, under legisation we will apply a discount of 50 per cent.

The parking contravention code descriptions apply to all London boroughs and may include reference to visitor vouchers or shared use bays. These do not apply in this borough.

Other parking charges

Clamping and removal costs

The discount rate Penalty Charge Notice must be paid in addition to the clamp or removal/storage fees before the vehicle is released:

  • Release from clamp: £70
  • Release from the car pound: £200
  • Storage: £40 (per day)
  • Disposal of a vehicle: £70

Last updated: 29 November 2019