Waiting and loading

Waiting restrictions

Waiting restrictions are shown by single or double yellow lines along the road.

  • Single yellow lines are in force from Monday to Saturday. They usually follow the same controlled zone times shown on the nearest pay-by-phone signs. A yellow time plate sign will display any different time restrictions.
  • Double yellow lines mean waiting is illegal at all times.

You can stop to unload heavy or bulky goods, for up to 40 minutes on single or double yellow lines, unless there are loading restrictions in place.

All loading must be continuous, or it may be viewed as waiting. 

Parking attendants watch vehicles for five minutes. If they don't see you loading or unloading during this time they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

Loading and unloading restrictions

Loading restrictions are shown by yellow 'blip' kerb markings. You can check enforcement hours on a nearby white time plate sign.

When loading restrictions are in force you must not stop except to allow passengers to get into or out of your vehicle.

You are allowed to load or unload for up to 20 minutes in residents' parking bays and pay-by-phone bays during the controlled hours, providing the loading is continuous.

Outside the hours of enforcement you may park and load or unload without restriction.

Last updated: 11 May 2023