Electric vehicles

We want to support electric vehicle owners and to encourage more residents to change from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles. As most residents do not have off-street parking facilities, and therefore cannot install their own electric vehicle chargers, we know that we must provide charging points on-street.

See our Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy

Electric vehicle charging strategy

Charging points in the borough

Currently, there are:

  • 43 Source London charging points (we are currently installing 41 more points)

  • 243 lamp column chargers (80-90 more will be installed by the end of 2020)

  • Three rapid chargers (another operational in October 2020)

These charging points offer 3kw, 7kw, 22kw and 50kw charging.

Find a charging point with the Zapmap website

Source London charging points

Source London is a London-wide scheme for electric vehicle drivers. 

  • All Source London charging points are in dedicated EV bays and only EVs that are charging may park there.

  • Thirteen of these charging points are 22kw and the rest are 7kw.

Source London offers three tariffs:

  • Full membership – £4 per month fee and charged at 13.3p per minute on 22kw and 5p per minute on 7kw. Residents that are full members benefit from a cap on overnight charging -between 8pm and 7am the fee is capped at four hours so you can get 11 hours of charge for the price of four.

  • Flexi membership - £10 one off fee and charged at 13.3p per minute on 22kw and 7.3p per minute on 7kw.

  • Pay as you go – no fee and charged at 15.7p per minute on 22kw and 8.4p per minute on 7kw.

Source London also offers a reservation system to full and flexi members.

If you charge regularly you may find that full membership offers the most economical choice.

Find out more about Source London.

Lamp column charging points

These charging points are operated by Ubitricity and offer a 3.5kw charge.

Ubitricity offers three tariffs:

  • Smart Cable with subscription – buy Smart Cable for £199, membership £9.99 per month and charged at 16p per kWh

  • Smart Cable without subscription – buy Smart Cable for £199 and charged at 19p per kWh

  • Pay as you go – charged at 24p per kWh

We do not provide dedicated parking bays for electric vehicles that use lamp column chargers. Chargers are located in lamp columns next to residents’ bays and pay and display bays.

Parking charges and maximum stay requirements apply in the pay and display bays during controlled hours (which are 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday and either 8.30am to 1.30pm or 8.30am to 6.30pm on Saturday depending on location (please check signs)). However, most electric vehicle users use the lamp column chargers at night when parking is free.

Resident permit holders can also park free of charge in pay and display bays between 8.30am and 9.30am and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday (where controls still apply). This means that if you are a resident you can leave your car from 5.30pm until 9.30am the following morning free of parking charges but if you want to park during pay and display controlled hours, you will have to pay.

Non-residents will need to pay during all the pay and display controlled hours.

To join the scheme, contact Ubitricity.

Please note: all prices are correct as of November 2019.

Suggest a lamp column charger location

We will consider suggestions for new lamp column charger locations.

Before you send us your suggestion, think about the likely availability of the parking space. It may be that columns closest to your home are not the best choices and lamp columns near bays which are less likely to be occupied would be better so as to maximise the likelihood of accessing the sockets.

Another consideration is whether to choose columns by residents’ bays or pay and display bays. Residents’ bays will be free to permit-holders, but may be occupied by a non-electric vehicle for long periods of time. Pay and display bays would incur a parking charge during controlled hours but would be free at night and would offer the advantage that there is a turnover of cars using them.

We cannot install chargers in lamp columns next to yellow line restrictions.

Heritage-style lamp columns are not large enough to accommodate chargers. Where lamp columns are not suitable but there is a nearby power supply, we may be able to install a charger in a bollard instead.

Send your suggestions for two or three lamp columns near your home, making sure each column is clearly numbered, to EVChargerRequest@rbkc.gov.uk

Residents' parking permits for electric vehicles

Residents’ parking permits for electric vehicles are charged at the lowest permit tariff. 

Residents can only have one permit for one car. We do not allow second permits for electric vehicles because, although they may not produce emissions at the point of use, they still take up parking space which is in short supply in the borough.

Visitor parking for electric vehicles

We offer discounted rates for visitors with electric vehicles in pay by phone bays, see our tariffs webpage.

If you have any other queries relating to EV charging points, please email EVCharging1@rbkc.gov.uk