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Activities for adults in parks and leisure centres in the borough (16 yrs+)

Find out about activities for adults in the borough’s leisure centres and parks

Leisure centres in Kensington and Chelsea

About leisure centres and other facilities in the borough

Sports facilities in parks

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Sports organisations

A list of links to sport related websites which are maintained by other organisations.

Sports clubs in Kensington and Chelsea

Information on local sports club opportunities in and around Kensington and Chelsea.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities for sport, physical activity and health related projects

CSPAN partners

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Find out more about what CSPAN offers in the community.

Activities for young people

The Council is currently in talks with an established and highly regarded sports provider that also specialises in water sports so that as lockdown restrictions are eased, this provision can re-open with an offer that is compliant with measures.

Support for young athletes in Kensington and Chelsea

The GLL Sport Foundation is an athlete focused support programme for athletes across the UK. Young athletes from Kensington and Chelsea can apply for support now