Activities for young people

Following the wind-down of EPIC CIC, the Council is looking at suitable providers to provide excellent Community Adventure Play and Water-Sports activities. The Council’s Lead Member for Families, Children and Schools, Cllr Josh Rendall, addressed this in a question sent in by a resident on Tuesday 9 June. Watch the video on YouTube.

Before the pandemic, and as a result of EPIC’s decision, the Council was in talks with alternative providers for Community Adventure Play services to be delivered from May.

Due to Coronavirus lockdown, all Community Adventure Play was paused and the Council took the decision to also pause the re-provisioning of this service, as no one would be able to deliver services on a like-for-like basis. Additionally, we were conscious of the changing needs of families throughout lockdown and want to make sure these needs are reflected in services we commission.

The Council is currently in talks with an established and highly regarded sports provider that also specialises in water sports so that as lockdown restrictions are eased, this provision can re-open with an offer that is compliant with measures.


Last updated: 16 June 2020