Demolition notice

Demolishing buildings

If you plan to demolish a building in the borough, you may need to submit a demolition notice under section 80 of the Building Act 1984. 

Submit a demolition notice

Please complete the demolition notice with all associated demolition plans, reports and method statement.

Demolition charges are set out below:

Demolition Notices 
(VAT Exempt)
Small site Building with cubic content up to 360m3 or up to 2 storeys (whichever reached first) 342.00
Medium site Building with cubic content up to 675m3 or up to 3 storeys (whichever reached first) and demolitions including excavations for new basement 570.00
Large site Building with cubic content more than 675m3 or more than 3 storeys (whichever exceeded first) 1,026.00

For an accessible version of these documents please email [email protected].

Visit the Planning Portal for more information on demolition notices.

Last updated: 5 May 2022