Chelsea Enforcement Pilot

The Council knows how important it is for development sites to be well run, including for sites to comply with all necessary regulations. 
Effectively dealing with enforcement complaints can be challenging and complex given the different types of legislation involved.  

To help the Council manage this more effectively, we are establishing a pilot team with responsibility over a number of important development sites in Chelsea. The pilot will consist of officers from across enforcement teams, with the aim of working together more closely to help join up the enforcement work of the Council.

Sites will be monitored regularly with the pilot team taking a “zero tolerance” approach to enforcement breaches.

What does it cover?

23 construction sites (see below) that have a construction traffic management plan.

These sites have been selected either due to their size or close proximity to other nearby development sites.

When does it take place?

The pilot scheme started on 8 January 2018 with the aim that successful elements of the pilot will be rolled out across the borough.

How can you help us?

Rather than having to contact different departments, we want residents to have one contact point in raising enforcement issues for these sites. You can email us at or phone us on 020 7361 3650 to make a complaint regarding these sites. 

Alternatively, you can come and speak to us in person at Chelsea Town Hall on Mondays between 1pm and 4pm, Wednesdays between 8am and 12 noon or Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm.