Kensington and Chelsea Quality Review Panel

The Kensington and Chelsea Quality Review Panel has been established to help promote good growth and the highest quality in new development. The panel is made up of 23 independent and experienced professionals from a broad range of backgrounds including experts in sustainability, transportation planning, and inclusive design, as well as designers.

The Quality Review Panel provides expert advice to applicants, council officers and the planning committee during the pre-application process, and by commenting on planning applications.

The panel is provided by Frame Projects and is funded independently of the council. Applicants are referred to the panel by the council as an external service and fees are paid to Frame Projects. If we refer an application to the panel, the design of the proposal will be assessed, and the panel will provide advice on design quality.

More information can be found in the Terms of Reference:


The costs of Kensington and Chelsea Quality Review Panel meetings are:

  • £4,500 for a formal review
  • £2,500 for a chair’s review / planning application review
  • £1,500 for a surgery review

Prices do not include VAT.

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Quality Review meetings should be organised through your planning case officer.

Last updated: 12 February 2021